Luxury Experiences in Peru for the Discerning Traveler – Customized Private Tours with Quality Service and Personalized Attention

Andes, Amazon Rainforest & Desert Coast

Our knowledgeable team is passionate about sharing the extraordinary beauty of the landscapes and the cultures unique to this country with you. Whether you wish to explore the Andean Highlands, the Rainforest or the Coast we can offer you a tour designed for your very needs.  Visit magical Machu Picchu, explore off the beaten track Inca Ruins, watch condors in their natural habitat or join us on a wellness retreat with nature Hikes, Yoga, and Meditation. Enjoy indigenous Quechua Hospitality at Lake Titicaca or stay at a Lodge run by the Matsiguenka in Manu Park, go on a challenging trek with breathtaking sceneries of majestic glaciers in the Andes, watch rare mammals and birds in the Rainforest or sample the rich Peruvian cuisine – the possibilities are endless. We will make sure that you will have an unforgettable holiday, if not an experience of a lifetime! Enter our chat to discuss your travel plans with us.