Andean Spirit Destinations – A new variety of unique luxury experiences

Andean Spirit Destinations is proud to announce that we now offer you a new selection of unconventional luxury experiences that can be added on as extras to your trips and only require a few hours or at most an extra day of your time.

As part of our initiative to facilitate intercultural exchange and sustainable community-based tourism, we now promote meetings with leading Cusco artists, musicians, ritual specialists and Quechua community projects, like the weavers of Chinchero or the highland farmers of the Potato Park of Pisac. This presents a unique opportunity to interact with the locals and delve much deeper into Andean culture, and it is great fun, too! Also by visiting local individuals and communities, you are directly supporting them.

Other day experiences are of a culinary nature, you may learn how to mix your own Pisco Sour or other Andean cocktails and enjoy a gourmet dinner or find out how to cook a typical Andean meal. For those who are more interested in archaeology and would love the outdoors, we offer day-trips to some off the beaten track Inca ruins, combined with a delicious picnic lunch in scenic nature. Allow us to pamper you!

We have also renewed our offer of multi-day tours with a number of treks taking you to real beauty spots (most of them are challenging in difficulty) as well as our offer of rainforest & wildlife tours, which now include a greater variety of lodge-based itineraries in the Manu and Tambopata areas, yoga & wellness tours, community based tours, and off the beaten track tours.

Finally, we can tailor any of our tours to meet your specific requirements. We invite you to check out our new web page and browse our offers! We hope that you will find your dream journey amongst them.

Your Team at Andean Spirit Destinations

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