Quechua Homestays at Lake Titicaca - Andean Spirit

Taquile Island HomestaysExplore the beauty of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, the mythical birthplace of the Inca culture,  enjoying indigenous hospitality on the Island of Taquile. You will have the opportunity to learn about indigenous weavings, knitwear, and music from our friendly hosts. Enjoy breathtaking views

from USD 495.-
Ancient Cultures Lake Titicaca - Andean Spirit

The Sun Island at Lake TiticacaExplore the mysteries of the ancient indigenous cultures and sceneries of the altiplano of Peru and Bolivia. Explore some of the fascinating islands of Lake Titicaca and interact with the locals. Visit the floating islands of the Uros before going on to Taquile Island where

from USD 1715.-