This tour is your best choice if you wish to explore places off-the-beaten-track near Cusco at a slightly more relaxed pace whilst still enjoying some of the main highlights and fabulous beauty spots of the area without having to do strenuous hikes. This may also suit families with small children.

from USD 680.-

Hike to the famous Lake Humantay, one of the most exhilarating beauty spots in the Cusco area. Explore some fabulous Inca sites en route and enjoy extraordinary hospitality in a rural Lodge near Mollepata. A must-see for nature lovers and hikers alike. PRIVATE TOUR.Day 1     We will meet you

from USD 320.-

This Tour takes you to the main attractions of the Anta area in Cusco, visiting impressive Inca sites and hiking to amazing beauty spots like Lake Humantay and the Condor Viewpoint of Chonta. You will stay in cozy rural Lodges and be spoilt with delicious healthy food! PRIVATE TOUR.Day 1   

from USD 680.-

Condors in the Apurimac Canyon near CuscoAn amazing adventure for bird watchers and nature lovers! Soak in unforgettable sceneries, enjoy a fabulous hike to the condor viewpoint from the mountain hamlet of Chonta in order to observe the majestic Andean condor soaring in over the Apurimac canyon near Cusco. Spend

from USD 360.-

On this tour, you will experience beautiful rural landscapes and impressive Inca sites, meet local families who run small enterprises, stay in remote rural lodges where you feel a part of the family, and receive personalized attention. It is a great way to travel with your family and children if

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See the main archaeological sites of Anta, watch condors over the Apurimac Canyon, stay in cozy rural Lodges where you will breathe fresh air!Day 1      We will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco in the morning and head to the town of Zurite in Anta (3,405 m).

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Discover the hidden gems of Anta near Cusco. Stay in rural hotels where you will feel like part of the family. Discover hidden archaeological complexes and connect with nature on guided walks. Try healthy delicacies from the organic gardens in the area and interact with your hosts… and much more!Day

Yoga, Meditation & Nature HikesHow about a Yoga and meditation retreat with nature hikes and visits to remote Inka sites based at a beautiful rural Lodge near Cusco. You will be spoilt with delicious meals with fresh ingredients from the organic vegetable garden of the Lodge. The peaceful ambiance of the

from USD 1,095.-
Andean Condor - Andean Spirit Destinations

The Flight of the Condor near CuscoExplore some off the beaten track places using as your home a beautiful rural Lodge near Limatambo. Hike to the Mirador of condors in the Apurimac canyon and observe this majestic bird soaring in its natural habitat. Visit some little-known Inka sites in the magical Apurimac

from USD 999.-
The Majestic Peak of Mount Salkantay - Andean Spirit

Wild and Beautiful Places Around CuscoEnjoy fabulous scenery off the beaten track in the Apurimac region. Visit little-known Inka sites, soak in the thermal baths of Cconoc, enjoy the peaceful environment of your home base for this tour, our cozy Lodge near Cusco, where you may join optional yoga classes and

from USD 970.-