Covid-19 measureCOVID-19 Prevention Measures

Our team at Andean Spirit Destinations strives to give you the best holiday experiences in a safe environment. Therefore, we take great care to train our members of staff to follow all the preventative rules in order to avoid any possible contagions of COVID-19 on your trip. We advise you to do the same wherever it is in your power.

Our preventative measures include:

  • Keeping groups of visitors small with a maximum of 12 visitors
  • Using tourist vehicles at 50% capacity for Tour groups
  • Using improved sanitation and hygiene which includes: disinfecting all our equipment and transport regularly with alcohol, having alcoholic gel at hand on all excursions and tours, and washing hands with the recommended frequency
  • Providing our guides with equipment to carry out daily health checks (thermometer, oximeter, and other) as well as disinfection kit
  • Using masks and practicing social distancing
  • Avoiding visiting places with a high concentration of people
  • Preparing contactless briefing information as well as favoring contactless means of payment
  • Avoid greetings with personal contact like handshakes
  • Isolate staff members or guests that show signs of being unwell immediately
  • We sell all our tours via our web page only and do not attend our clients in our office