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Wooly Monkey - Andean Spirit DestinationsWooly Monkey - Andean Spirit Destinations

Manu & the Matsiguenka LodgeImagine traveling to one of the last Edens on earth, a remote part of the rainforest which contains over 1,000 species of birds, some 160 species of mammals and around 140 species of amphibians as well as countless species of reptiles and insects. An unforgettable wildlife

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Scarlet Macaws - Andean Spirit DestinationsScarlet Macaws - Andean Spirit Destinations

Pristine Wildlife in the Manu RegionBased at a comfortable Lodge in the Manu and Madre de Dios region. Observe giant otters and rare birds on an Oxbow Lake, watch the largest rainforest mammal, the tapir, at a mammal clay lick, observe colorful macaws and parrots at the macaw lick project,

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Nazca Aquaduct - Andean Spirit DestinationsNazca Aquaduct - Andean Spirit Destinations

Explore the Mysterious Nazca LinesExplore the amazing desert attractions of Nazca with its mysterious geoglyphs whilst using one of the most beautiful country hotels of Peru as your home base, a former hacienda with delightful gardens on the outskirts of the town. Observe sea lions, pelicans as well as the

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Spider Monkey - Andean Spirit DestinationsSpider Monkey - Andean Spirit Destinations

Tambopata Macaw LickA fabulous lodge-based rainforest adventure inside Tambopata National Reserve including a visit to one of the most amazing macaw licks providing a fantastic birding spectacle (min. 2 people), USD 1,385.- per person in double or twin room. 6 days/5 nights.Day 1 Upon arrival at Puerto Maldonado airport, you

from USD 1,395.-